Allergy Troubleshooting

Many people have to deal with allergies. It’s often things you have in your home that can cause your eyes to itch, your skin to have a rash, and your nose to run. Here are a few tips for avoiding allergies in your home.

  1. Remove from the room objects that accumulate dust such as: carpet, rugs, cloth curtains, and quilts
  2. Avoid stuffed animals, feathers or wool inside the room and closet
  3. Wipe household furniture every day with a damp cloth
  4. Aspirate the mattress weekly; if possible, sun it every two weeks for two hours and cover it with plastic covers. Organic mattresses will be an altogether better option if you find that you almost always experience allergies when you go to bed.
  5. Use foam rubber pillows covered in plastic and with a cotton cover.
  6. Avoid the use of wool pajamas and blankets.
  7. Ventilate the room in the mornings and close the windows in the afternoon
  8. Avoid humidity throughout the house
  9. The best option is to use plastic or metal blinds in room
  10. Do not smoke or be near someone who does.

Other options to reduce the risk of suffering from some type of allergy, are to stay away from outdoor activities, especially between 05:00 and 10:00, which is when there is more pollen in the atmosphere, and use a cloth mask or paper that filters the air, only if necessary.

Allergies can greatly impact your quality of life and you shouldn’t have to suffer. Take your comfort into your own hands by doing everything you can to eliminate those pesky things that make your day to day life unbearable.

Simple fixes could be what’s standing between you and a better quality of life every single day.