A Getaway in Wine Country

Napa Valley is best known as America’s wine country. It is an area of intense beauty and the finest of wines. The city of Calistoga is situated in the midst of this beautiful area and is home to the Old Faithful Geyser, mud baths and several wineries. This picturesque area is something out of a storybook and should be at the top of your list for places to go on vacation.

If you’re looking at this city for an escape from everyday life you should look into one of the historic cottages Calistoga has available for rent. These cottages are second to none when it comes to staying in wine country. It beats the regular hotels and won’t make too much of a dent in your bank account and the experience you will have will not be matched anywhere else. If you love wine and have always wanted to spend time in wine country there can be no other way to take your vacation.

Imagine waking up in a rustic cottage to the beautiful sunrise of the Napa Valley. There are walks to be taken, fabulous dining experiences to be had and the finest wine tastings you can find in the USA. The only other place that could compare is the original wine country, Italy.

Visiting wine country is something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. It’s an unmatched experience and there is no better way to visit than in one of Calistoga’s beautiful cottages. It’s a simple but elegant experience that can bring a new perspective into your life.

Calistoga has everything to offer the visitor who wants an authentic Napa Valley experience. You should not settle for anything less than excellent when it comes to visiting this area. It is one of America’s most beautiful areas and should be experienced that way.